Dental Sedation Dentistry Brownsburg IN

Dental Care in Complete Comfort with Sedation Dentistry

With conscious sedation dentistry, all of our patients can be at ease during their treatments – free from fear and anxiety. The pills you'll take orally 90 minutes before your appointment make all the difference. As you sit in our dental chair, you'll become more relaxed until you achieve a level of sedation that creates a complete sense of peace. However, you'll still be conscious and able to respond to any questions.

Dental Sedation Treatment Brownsburg INYou won't be completely "out" as you would be for surgery. Some patients become anxious that they will fall into an unconscious state. They fear losing control. With conscious sedation you are still capable of perceiving everything going on around you. Only your sense of panic is eliminated.

Sedation dentistry works extremely well for those who are strongly resistant to anesthesia and can't get numb. It bears noting that if you don't have time in your hectic schedule for repeat dental appointments, sedation dentistry allows us to perform more work in a single visit.

We also offer nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, as a lighter sedation option for some patients.



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