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I want to thank Dr. Stutler and his staff for doing such a wonderful job on my teeth! Dr. Stutler was very knowledgeable and professional. I was nervous and wasn't sure what I would look like with the length of actual teeth. He showed me pictures, and made a model of them to show me how my bite would come together, and the length they would be after he was finished.

Before my dental work, I smiled, but usually had my hand over my mouth to hide my teeth because they were worn (short) and thin. Since I have had my crowns, my confidence level has increased dramatically!! I feel good about myself, and am very proud of my "new teeth" and show them off to everyone. He has given me a gift that cannot be replaced. I am blessed to have found such a wonderful person in a dentist who also has an excellent staff.
Dawn Shaw

Do you shake with fear or get white knuckle syndrome when you think about going to the dentist? If so then we have something in common.Several years ago Stutler Dental came to Brownsburg Indiana and what a blessing. I had spent years agonizing and fearing any dental work what so ever due to trauma in the dental chair; but I no longer freak out thinking about dental work of any kind. Stutler Dental is tops; clean environment, friendly staff and TV's in every room.

The best is the sedation dentistry, take a couple of pills–sweet dreams and when you awaken you're good to go. I have never experienced a better way to have multiple issues worked on than to sleep through the anxiety, fear and white knuckles etc. Stutler Dental has many ways of experiencing anxiety free dentistry with custom treatments to meet your needs.

Kudos to Dr. Stutler and his staff. I have recommended them to family members and friends.

Diane Beisel

Thank you for your help, Dr. Stutler! The confidence that my new smile has given me is priceless.

Nicole Gleb

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