Children's Dentist in Brownsburg IN

Kids Dental Care Brownsburg INWe Care About Kids!

Our team works hard to relieve a child's anxiety before any kind of procedure. We use cutting-edge techniques and deliver treatment with care and compassion. Our team inspires children of all ages to cultivate correct dental hygiene at home, and we teach them how to do so. We like to see them at age two for their first visit and hope to enjoy their return visits as we help them keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Calming Dental Fears

We desire for all of our young patients to be reassured about their dental treatment and to relish their visits through adulthood. Our many appreciative parents have told us their children find our office a pleasant and relaxed place to visit. No matter the age or needs of your children, we can assist them in conquering their dental anxieties.

Protecting Vulnerable Teeth

Cleaning Children's Teeth Brownsburg INChildren's teeth are more vulnerable to cavities than adults. They often do not brush appropriately, and they eat more frequently during the day. As a result, acids, bacteria, and plaque will expand rapidly. If teeth are already not as clean as they need to be, the resulting increased exposure to acid will accelerate the rate of cavity development.

We encourage parents to oversee their children's daily dental routine until they can clean their teeth correctly by themselves. We explain how to make improved nutritional choices and offer the application of a fluoride varnish to mineralize their teeth to greatly reduce the potential for cavities.

Preventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!

Even the most careful brushing does not encompass all the back areas and unique contours of teeth. As bacteria and plaque increase, decay will happen. Even a miniscule amount of decay will need to be removed and filled, and for larger deposits of decay, a crown.

There is a procedure that can assist in reducing the probability of cavities – an application of a dental sealant. This treatment is simple and fast. No shots or drilling are required, so the process is also painless. The teeth are first cleaned and sterilized. A thin coating of a clear sealant is painted on the surface of each tooth. A curing light is then directed in the mouth to bond the invisible sealant to the teeth. The complete procedure takes only a few moments but can help to preserve children's and adolescent's natural teeth for life.

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