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The Importance of Hygiene Visits

Keeping your teeth as clean as possible is the key to good dental health. However, normal brushing won't always remove all the plaque, since it likes to cling in hard-to-reach back areas. When plaque hardens into tartar, regular brushing and flossing will no longer be effective. If it accumulates below your gumline, the chances for development of a bacterial infection increase dramatically, as will your odds for tooth loss and the risk of more serious health issues like diabetes, stroke, and heart problems. Having your teeth cleaned professionally is an integral step in keeping all of your teeth and gums healthy. So have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis and enjoy good health.

Saving Hopeless Teeth

A root canal can rescue a tooth that has impaired or infected roots. It is critical to keep your teeth intact and avoid extraction whenever possible. In the past, root canals gained a reputation for being painful. But with modern advancements and anesthetics, they are now treatable with almost no pain. During the process, the pulp chamber of the tooth is removed and replaced with a specific type of filling compound. Sometimes a crown will be added to provide more strength to the remaining tooth structure. We are well versed in root canal therapy and saving a tooth from extraction.

Do You Find Yourself Falling Asleep on the Job?

If you're being treated for sleep apnea because you snore, fall asleep throughout the day, or have irregular breathing while you sleep, you may already be employing the CPAP device. Utilizing a mask worn over the nose and mouth, this machine provides a continual flow of air into a person's lungs while they sleep. Although it helps control the problems created by sleep apnea, it is bulky and frustrating to wear. As a result, patients stop wearing it.

If you have become disillusioned with your CPAP, we have a non-bulky alternative that is easy to insert and remove, packs lightly for travel, cleans easily, and has a success rate in over 90% of patients who use it. It looks like an orthodontic retainer, a small, acrylic device that slides over your upper and lower teeth. It works by realigning your jaw and tongue to permit air to flow into and out of your lungs. If you have set your CPAP machine aside, let us explain how this new device could help you.

Senior Dental Care is Different

Dental Care for Seniors Brownsburg INOur teeth mature and decline along with the rest of our bodies. Even our previous dental work weakens and may fracture with age. Fillings may need to be replaced before cavities set in underneath and go undetected until the roots are damaged. We are alert to the dental concerns of seniors. Plaque may concentrate on the surface of teeth and lead to decay. We check for gum infection and are always watching our patients for the signs of this problem - red, swollen, or bleeding gums when brushing or flossing, as well as loose teeth.

After years of caffeine and tobacco consumption, teeth grow dull and need professional whitening to restore their original luster. Some medications reduce the necessary flow of saliva through the mouth, and we have products that will ease this complication. We promote good nutrition, daily hygiene, and routine check-ups to help your smile stay amazing and keep your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Are You Sometimes Headachy? Do You Regularly Suffer from Tension or Even Migraine Headaches? Have We Got a Miracle for You!

NTI Migraine Headache TreatmentDo you struggle with painful migraine or tension headaches? Have you sought a reprieve through medication? We are thrilled to provide our patients with an alternative to medication for these excruciating headaches. It is the FDA-approved NTI™ device, an oral appliance that relaxes scalp muscles to prevent a majority of headaches. It is simple to use and according to statistics, 82% of patients who utilize the device experience 77% fewer migraine events. It is an affordable and drug-free prevention method to offer a better quality of life. Let us explain this little miracle to you. It will give you reason to smile.

Oral Surgery? Stay with the Doctors You Know and Trust

Drs. Stutler and Klaes are able to address a wide range of oral surgery needs, from wisdom tooth extractions to root canals and even full mouth reconstruction. This means that you don't have to be referred to another office, which is more convenient and also more comforting because you know us and we know you and your dental history.

If it's time for your next cleaning, or if you're ready to schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation, call us now at (317) 225-4520.